Choose Best GoPro Gimbal Wisely – Overview Of Top Handheld Gimbals 

Selecting the best GoPro gimbals is a passport for success for any GoPro owner, who is looking to make impressive action shots with their device. Among so many wearable gimbals posted for sale these days, it might be extremely difficult to choose the top device. This detailed overview on RightChoice is designed to help GoPro owners to choose the ideal handheld gimbal to satisfy all their needs. 


Why One Needs To Select Best GoPro Gimbals

GoPros are great cameras able to provide good-quality footage under various conditions. Everyone knows that those devices’ main purpose is to film actions. No matter if you are going to bike, swim or simply take a tour around your favorite town, it is a great idea to take a GoPro with you. It is compact, easy to carry along, and it can make full-quality HD footage. 

Nevertheless, while recording an action video even with a great device like GoPro, the video shake cannot be avoided. Whether you walk or bike, run or canoe, the video shake will still be there to some extent. This is the reason why you need a GoPro gimbal stabilizer. 

A decent 3-axis handheld gimbal will always be your companion while shooting with a GoPro. A good GoPro stabilizer will help you make a buttery smooth video without any extra effort. However, given the enormous number of wearable gimbals available today, the choice might be quite complicated. 

In this overview, we are going to talk about the most popular GoPro gimbals that filmmakers and amateurs could buy today. I not only tested them empirically. We have also collected the feedback from other users available on the web to provide a fair judgment. 

I am aware that different people have different tastes and needs. That is why I made special categories for each GoPro stabilizer in this article. 

🎦Best GoPro Gimbals Quick Overview

  1. Wearable gimbal: Feiyu WG2X 
  2. Best GoPro handheld gimbal: Hohem iSteady Pro 3
  3. Runner up for the handheld gimbal award: Feiyu G6
  4. Superior two-in-one stabilizer: Removu S1
  5. The most successful stabilizer: GoPro Karma Grip

GoPro Gimbals: 2021 Update

This overview may provide important information for GoPro owners. Yet, it is worth notice that, unfortunately, producers of the GoPro gimbals are not doing a good job updating their devices. It seems that smartphone stabilizers are more popular. So all manufacturers are focusing on their production. The GoPro used to have a very impressive gimbal, the Karma Grip. Nevertheless, it is quite outdated as of 2021. 

Therefore, I recommend taking time before deciding to purchase your ideal GoPro gimbal. Most of the devices might have serious compatibility issues. They have not been designed for the most recent models of the GoPro cameras. 

Wearable & Handheld Best GoPro Gimbals

Before we even start our discussion about the top GoPro stabilizer devices, it is important to understand the difference between the gimbals that you can wear and those that you can hold with your hands. Whether you most likely are going to need one or another depends on the type of activity that you are going to use your stabilizer for. 

The handheld gimbals are my favorites, they feature a comfortable hand grip to hold the stabilization device. Holding a gimbal with your hand gives you more freedom, so you can make more creative shots. 

The wearable gimbals have their own advantages, too. For example, if you are taking part in an extreme sport, you are not going to have your hands free to hold your gimbal. In this case, the wearable device will be extremely useful. It can be mounted to any part of your body – your chest or head, for example. 

The wearable gimbals are normally more compact and feature a smaller size. This, of course, affected their battery performance. You cannot expect the small battery to last long enough to be shooting all day. Keep this in mind when choosing your gimbal. The wearable gimbals might also request some additional accessories. Let’s now look at the best wearable gimbal.


Feiyu WG2X: One Of Best GoPro Gimbals To Wear

The stabilizer that you can wear is a compact, comfortable alternative for those who do not have a spare hand to hold their device while filming. Yet, it is still important to make sure that your wearable gimbal is performing its job well. Let’s look at the main qualities of Feiyu WG2X and understand why I identify it as the best gimbal to wear. 

Feiyu WG2X Ideal User

This is an ideal device, for those, who want to have their hands free and attach a gimbal to some part of their body or to a bike. Due to a compact size, this wearable gimbal is also a perfect travel companion. It is very flexible – as it does not have a handgrip, it can be easily mounted not only to your chest but also to a bike and other equipment.  

Best GoPro Gimbals Compatibility

The Feiyu WG2X suits all models of GoPro HERO7, HERO6, HERO5, HERO4. You can also use it with the HERO Session with the held of the Session mount adapter, which is included in the package. You can easily use it with other cameras that feature approximately the same sizes. 

Feiyu WG2X  Features

On the surface, the WG2X seems quite similar to its original model, the well-known WG2. However, the WG2X has an impressive list of improved features, such as superior stabilization quality, ergonomic arm, and distant management function. 

Its compact size makes this GoPro stabilizer very easy to wear or mount to other surfaces. Chest harnesses or shoulder straps can be purchased separately and satisfy any taste. 

Feiyu WG2X  is also compatible with tripods, selfie sticks, or handlebars.

The stabilizer has 3 filming regimes: 

  • Pan-following 
  • Following 
  • Locked

It is important to notice that Feiyu WG2X does not have any motion range limitations when filming in the pan and tilt axes, unlike its competitors.

Another impressive feature of this wearable gimbal is that it can be controlled distantly with the help of its software. This quality is especially important for a wearable stabilizer, as it is not possible sometimes to access them if they are mounted somewhere. 


WG2X Strong Sides 

Although most GoPro gimbals look alike and it is hard to identify the most impressive one, the Feiyu WG2X quality of stabilization is very good. The gimbal is able to produce buttery smooth footage, which is better than the one filmed by its main competitors. 

The newer version of the software made this gimbal even a better stabilizer than its successful previous version WG2. Therefore, this is definitely the best wearable gimbal in terms of stabilization. 

The angled arm is a nice addition to all the good qualities of this device. It is very ergonomic. When attached to a chest harness, it no longer blocks the GoPro screen. 

The WG2X comes with a compact tripod. If you assemble it together, you can use this tripod as a hand grip. Therefore, if there is no need to wear this stabilizer, you can also use it as a handheld gimbal. 

Ground For Improvement For One Of Best GoPro Gimbals

Even though this is a common issue for all handheld gimbals, I have to mention the WG2X weak battery performance. Due to its small size, the gimbal features a 1500 mAh battery.  The gimbal can shoot up to 2.5 hours. 

The WG2X is not water-resistant, which is by far its biggest issue. Unlike its original model, this gimbal can only be used in small rain. You cannot take it with you rafting or swimming, as this is probably going to destroy the Feiyu WG2X motor. 

One Of Best Wearable GoPro Gimbals Overview

Advantages 😍: 

  • Superior stabilization
  • Possible to use as a handheld gimbal
  • Nice gimbal hand
  • Easy to wear

Shortcomings 😐:

  • Weak battery
  • Not waterproof
  • Feiyu WG2X need additional tools to wear it
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Hohem iSteady Pro 3: One Of Best Handheld GoPro Gimbals

This is another affordable handheld gimbal, which happens to be a perfect stabilizer. Let’s look at this Hohem iSteady Pro 3 in detail and identify the strong points of this gimbal. 

Who Is Hohem iSteady Pro 3 For?

This is a great handheld gimbal for filmmakers that want to receive great stable video footage for an affordable price. This stabilizer has deserved its place among the best GoPro gimbals that are also very popular. 

GoPro Gimbals Compatibility

The Hohem iSteady Pro 3 is compatible with all models of GoPro and all other cameras of the same sizes. Those include, but are not limited to SJCAM, Yi 4K/4K+, DJI Osmo Action, and others. 

Hohem iSteady Pro 3 Features

Despite the fact that this is quite a cheap stabilizer, it features a set of impressive qualities both in terms of stabilization performance and design. It features four filming regimes, a strong battery, and a wide motion range in two axes, the Hohem iSteady Pro is better than most of its competitors. 

This gimbal features a few great design qualities as well. Its small handgrip features an impressive set of control buttons. There is a joystick for the electronic adjustment of pan and tilt movements.  Besides the regular management functions, you can also program your own “hot buttons” to access the features that are most important for a specific user. 

The original model of the iSteady Pro is one of the best stabilizers. However, its follower is even better. The angled gimbal arm that it has allows the GoPro screen to stay uncovered while filming. There is also a trigger that allows lock-on and snaps easier when shooting. 


Good Points About One Of Best Handheld GoPro Gimbals

You are not going to be able to find another gimbal with a similar set of features for this price of $100. The Hohem iSteady Pro 3 managed to become the most money-friendly gimbal, while not cutting on the set of its features or the quality of stabilization. 

I examined this GoPro gimbal performance in multiple ways. The gimbal zoomed in and zoomed out. I checked the videos made by iSteady Pro 3 to the ones made by GoPro Karma grip or Feiyu G6. The quality difference was so insignificant that it does not make sense to recommend other gimbals if we take into account the money issue. 

A Few Things To Improve…

Despite the fact that the Hohem iSteady Pro 3 is one of the best GoPro gimbals, there are still a few things to improve. I cannot help, but feel that this is rather a gimbal for beginners than a stabilizer for professionals. It feels more plastic, and I assume it is not as endurable as other gimbals that cost more. 

It is hard to notice it, but the motor responsiveness is also slightly slower, which may make it difficult to record high-speed videos with the Hohem iSteady Pro 3. 

Best Handheld GoPro Gimbal Summary

Advantages 😍

  • Cheap
  • Many features
  • Great battery
  • Useful trigger

Shortcomings 😐:

  • Poor construction quality
  • Hohem iSteady Pro motor responsiveness


Feiyu G6: Second Best Handheld GoPro Gimbal

Great performance, strong battery, durable construction quality: all these qualities are a part of the Feiyu G6 GoPro gimbal. The gimbal is one of my top-choice devices available in the market, so let’s look at it in more detail. 

Feiyu G6 Ideal User

This is one of the best GoPro gimbals that you can hold with your hands, as it provides superior stabilization. Feiyu G6 excellent build quality makes G6 the ultimate stabilization device for action videos. If you are looking for a perfect handheld gimbal that could accompany you in tough conditions, this is the right device to choose.

GoPro Best Gimbal Compatibility

Feiyu G6 works with GoPro 3/3+/4/5/6/7. It is also mountable to other cameras that have identical sizes. The gimbal comes with a special frame that makes it compatible with the Sony RX0 camera. 

Feiyu G6 Overview

Feiyu is a very successful and quite famous stabilizer manufacturer these days. With full confidence, I can say that the Feiyu G6 is the company’s flagman. The stabilizer is compact and resistant to splashes, which means that you can take it with you to canoeing activity. 

Feiyu Tech G6 features a small display and offers a few nice qualities. For example, it has an outside microphone. The newest Feiyu gimbal looks very similar to its previous model G5. Yet, it made a huge step forward. Unlike the previous model, it can be proud of its stabilization performance. 

Another feature that might not be so important, yet, useful is the angled arm and thread needle on the side of the grip. This way, the arm almost never covers the display of the gimbal. 

The Feiyu ON app is a piece of great software for this stabilizer. It easily connects to G6 using Bluetooth. The app allows you to manage the gimbal remotely. Panning and tilting, as well as setting up the time lapses are possible with the stabilizer and camera filming in another space. 


Strong Points About G6

As I have mentioned already, Feiyu G6 is definitely a very good GoPro gimbal that stands out among other devices available for purchase. The stabilization performance is a blast, even compared with other more expensive devices. I have zoomed it in and zoomed it out, and the footage was just slightly shakier on G6 than on the Karma Grip. Given the price difference, it does not make sense to recommend that latter over G6 just due to this slight difference. 

Surprisingly, Feiyu G6 has a few special features that even the original GoPro Karma Grip does not have. The afore-mentioned LCD screen is very informative: it shows the available battery charge and the shooting mode that is currently on. The external microphone is useful for those, who appreciate the audio content, as it helps isolate the noise of the motors. 

Finally, the Feiyu G6 features an exceptional battery, which can last up to 12 hours. You can be filming all day long at a single charge and still have enough energy. Even though I do not know many filmmakers, who do so, I believe it is still a nice feature for a handheld gimbal. 

Feiyu G6 Disadvantages

I found mounting my GoPro to G6 to be somewhat complicated, as it requested additional manipulations with the hand crews. Compared to mounting my GoPro to the Karma Grip, this was a rather troublesome process, which I did not enjoy. 

The Feiyu G6 is very similar to the Hohem iSteady Pro 2, but it is $45 more expensive. Given the set of very similar characteristics, it is impossible to recommend a more expensive gimbal in this situation. 

Quick Summary 

Advantages 😍

  • Superior stabilization
  • Small size
  • Informative LCD display 
  • Great build quality
  • Battery life

Shortcomings 😐

  • Feiyu G6 mounting procedure is somewhat annoying and complicated
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Removu S1: Best Two-In-One GoPro Gimbal 

This is a new GoPro gimbal that is resistant to rain. It is packed with innovations. Special design, good stabilization quality, and flexibility are the main characteristics of this device. 

Who Is Removu S1 For?

This is a unique GoPro gimbal. It can be both used to wear or hold with your hands. Removu S1’s handgrip can be removed easily from the gimbal. You no longer need to choose between a wearable gimbal or a handheld device. You have two of them packed in one. Isn’t it great? 

Best 2-in-1 GoPro Gimbal Compatibility 

The best two-in-one gimbal is suitable for the GoPro HERO 3/3+/4/5/6/7. In the box, you can find a frame that makes this gimbal compatible with other devices, the main competition of GoPro. This makes this stabilizer very universal.  In addition, it is always possible to purchase more frames to expand the gimbal compatibility.  

Best 2-in-1 GoPro Stabilizer Qualities

Removu S1 provides perfect stabilization quality and produces great smooth footage. The gimbal tends to remove any kind of shake or vibration from the video, and it does this in a great way. 

The Removu’s handgrip is portable. That is why this gimbal is a great stabilization tool that will most likely suit all your needs. If you need your hands free, you can easily attach them to a suitable surface. If you need extra stabilization, mount it to a selfie-stick or use a handgrip. 

Removu S1 is a truly innovative device. It features the wireless remote control in the handgrip of this stabilizer. There is a small display on the remote accessory. Using it, you can quickly perform any control actions and adjust the settings of your device comfortably. The device also comes with a removable battery. 

As for the filming modes, Removu S1 has a pretty regular set of shooting regimes. There are three of them in total: 

  • Pan Following
  • Pan and Tilt Following
  • Locked


Removu S1’s Strong Points 🤩

The flexibility of this GoPro gimbal is its main advantage. If you try, you simply will not be able to find another stabilizer that can both serve as a handheld and as a wearable gimbal. 

The design of this stabilizer is also great. The build quality feels very expensive, the gimbal seems very durable. Its portable battery and the possibility to control the gimbal distantly are also the device’s greatest advantages. 

Removu S is definitely one of the best GoPro gimbals available in the market in terms of its stabilization quality. It might be slightly worse than the stabilization provided by Karma Grip or G6, but the difference is not significant. 

Ground For Improvement 😐

Removu S1 has two main disadvantages: low motor responsiveness and loud motors.

When you make horizontal or vertical movements, you can see that the gimbal has trouble following, even if the follow speed is adjusted to its maximum. It might be a problem for those filmmakers, who need to film fast-paced actions. 

The loud motors might become a problem for those, who value audio content in their videos. Otherwise, it is not a big issue.

⏩ More detailed information about Removu S1



GoPro Karma Grip: Best Stabilization GoPro Gimbal

Finally, we are at the point of the best GoPro gimbals overview, when we are ready to look at the best GoPro gimbal in terms of stabilization. Here it is – the GoPro Karma Grip, which demonstrates great ergonomics, the best performance as a stabilizer, and perfect compatibility with the GoPro. 

GoPro Karma Grip Ideal User

This gimbal is not another budget-friendly affordable handheld gimbal. Yet, if you are looking for perfect compatibility with the GoPro and the best stabilization quality possible, you should not consider purchasing any other stabilizer. This gimbal produced by the GoPro is slightly old. Nevertheless, it is still a great gimbal when mounted to a GoPro camera. 

Best GoPro Gimbal Compatibility

The gimbal is compatible with the HERO 5, 6, and 7 Black. There is an opportunity to purchase an additional accessory to make it suitable for the HERO 4 Black and Silver. 

The Karma Grip, of course, is not going to work with the non-GoPro cameras. Therefore, the device is only suitable for filmmakers, who do not use any other action cameras. 

It is expected that mounting a GoPro to this gimbal is extremely easy. You only have to open the harness and slide the GoPro in. 

GoPro Karma Grip Features

The gimbal’s name came from GoPro’s Karma drone. The drone was not very good and did not bring the company much money. However, they managed to make use of it by taking the drone’s gimbal and attaching it to a handgrip. This is basically how the GoPro Karma Grip was created. 

The control panel of this GoPro device is rather simplistic. With only four buttons and no joystick, you cannot pan or tilt electronically. This device is also problematic for those, who enjoy taking selfies. It does not let you quickly turn the camera around. 

This gimbal is considered the best GoPro stabilizer out of all devices that are available in the market right now. The competition is high, but the Karma Grip is still doing great. This is due to the constant updates that make sure that the device’s stabilization performance is great. 

The GoPro Karma Grip is proud of its construction quality. The gimbal is comfortable to use and hold, as it is very ergonomic. You truly enjoy filming with this gimbal, as it was literally made for the GoPro. 

Despite the fact that the Karma Grip is marketed as a gimbal to wear, I do not recommend seeing it this way. The battery of the gimbal is inside the grip. If you decide to take the handgrip off, it will stop working. If you want this gimbal to be wearable, you will have to “wear” the handgrip with the heavy battery too. 


Karma Grip’s Good Sides 😍

The GoPro Karma Grip’s main advantages are its high compatibility with the GoPro cameras (including the mounting simplicity) and its great stabilization quality. You do not need to install any of the third-party apps to control your gimbal and follow the updates. The Karma Grip was made for GoPro. So it feels extremely natural using those two together. 

This gimbal is the heaviest device mentioned in this article. Nevertheless, filming with the Karma Grip feels comfortable and natural due to its superior build quality. Also, the additional weight of the gimbal allows you to make all your movements more controlled. 

What Could Be Better 😐?

The GoPro does not offer a great value for money with its price tag approximately twice as much as the cost of Feiyu or Zhiyun. Those devices offer a similar stabilization quality, which is only slightly worse but is much more affordable. 

The device, though great, is getting older, and its battery life is disappointing. At 4K, it can only film up to 2 hours, which might not always be enough. The battery performance could be better. However, the problem is that the gimbal, not only powers itself, it also charges the GoPro simultaneously. 

Nevertheless, you can always use a Powerbank to charge this gimbal. 

Short Summary 

Advantages 😍

  • Stabilization quality
  • Great with the GoPro
  • Nice to use

Shortcomings 😐

  • High price
  • The GoPro Karma Grip’s battery life is poor
⏩ A full review of Karma Grip is available here

Noteworthy, Yet Not Best GoPro Gimbals 

Besides the best GoPro gimbals mentioned above, there are two other stabilization devices that are worth mentioning in this guideline. 


Freevision Vilta-G: 2-In-1 Gimbal

This gimbal may be a good alternative to the flexible Removu S1, which I consider the best two-in-one gimbal. The Freevision Vilta-G does a good job in terms of stabilization and features an ergonomic handgrip. Its motors are relatively quiet. 

The gimbal is not waterproof and has a somewhat high price. It does have innovative qualities available in Removu S1, such as remote control or portable battery. Therefore, if Removu’s somewhat loud motors do not bother you, S1 is still a better gimbal to choose. 


Zhiyun Smooth 4 Smartphone Gimbal

This stabilizer is not officially marketed as a GoPro gimbal, yet, it can also support a GoPro. You can additionally purchase the GoPro adaptors for your Zhiyun Smooth 4. They will make sure that your GoPro is attached to the stabilizer securely. 

The Smooth 4 is not the best gimbal for any active activity that is typically associated with the GoPro. It is not waterproof, nor its motor speed responsiveness is high. However, if you mostly film with your smartphone and use the GoPro sometimes, this is something worth looking at. 

This gimbal is not made for GoPro. Therefore, you are not going to be able to control your action camera with the buttons on the gimbal handgrip. Yet, the Zhiyun Smooth 4 will still do a good job balancing your footage and making the video more stable. 

Selecting One Of Best GoPro Gimbals

Selecting the best GoPro gimbals is a tricky task when so many devices are being developed every day. Despite the wearable gimbals might be very useful for certain occasions, most people would prefer choosing a handheld device. The handheld gimbal feels more natural. Most of the time it works as a GoPro extension that happens to stabilize the footage perfectly. 

The GoPro Karma Grip remains the best GoPro gimbal. It is an official accessory. It is perfectly compatible with the GoPro cameras. The gimbal features a great stabilization performance and perfect build quality. 

For those who are looking for cheaper options, the Hohem iSteady Pro 3 or Feiyu G6 could be another good choice. Both gimbals are budget-friendly. They do a good job with the footage stabilization and feature a decent battery life. 

Finally, Removu S1 is a great innovative device that can be both used as wearable and a handheld gimbal. As with any stabilizer, S1 has its disadvantages. Yet, they are easily compensated with their innovative approach and excellent stabilization. 

On the other hand, wearable gimbals may also be very useful for certain occasions. If you like doing an extreme sport, holding your gimbal is no longer an option. By purchasing extra accessories for your wearable gimbal, you can attach your stabilizer to any object or a part of your body. I believe that WG2X is the best wearable GoPro gimbal, thanks to its decent stabilization and a few cool features. 

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