Freevision Vilta M – Almost There To Be The Best

The Freevision Vilta M is one of the best gimbals for iPhone and Android due to its ergonomics and superior build quality. This budget-friendly handheld gimbal has become quite popular among YouTubers, bloggers, and filmmakers and has quickly earned a reliable reputation within the growing community. 

Vilta M’s initial appearance on the market was rather not successful due to its slightly high price tag. This $150 gimbal with a set of impressive features would break down under the strain of competition. However, Freevision has taken a wise decision to reduce the gimbal’s price tag to $100. 

Is Vilta M a good competitor? Can it be the best handheld gimbal for iPhone and Android in 2021? Is it worth its price? Let’s dig in to find out the answers to these questions in the ultimate Freevision Vilta M review.  


First Acquaintance

The gimbal comes in a nice semi-hard travel-friendly case, which impressed me as soon as I took the device out of the box. Despite its very affordable price of $100, the Freevision Vita features a very good build quality.  Its design is similar to one of my favorite DJI Osmo Mobile 2; yet, it is even better. The Vilta M features a very ergonomic handgrip that was constructed using aeronautical materials. Filming with this device feels natural and fun. 


Freevision Vilta M Compatibility

The Freevision Vilta M features a maximum payload of 208 grams; it can support the maximum length of devices 82.5 mm. This means that the handheld gimbal can support most of the smartphones available on the market without any issues. Even the latest models of iPhones seem to be fitting in this gimbal’s mounting plate just nicely. 

Despite the Vilta M is mainly marketed as a smartphone gimbal, it comes with an action camera mounting plate. This accessory widens the device’s compatibility borders, making it suitable for work with most action cameras and Go Pros. The superior build quality of this gimbal makes it a perfect companion for adventurous shoots. 


Battery Life

Freevision promises that the Vita M’s battery can last up to seventeen hours, depending on the type of shooting mode you choose. Therefore, the battery performance is really impressive, making the Vita M stand out among most of its competitors. 

Even Zhiyun Smooth 4, which has earned its reputation as one of the best smartphone gimbals, has a maximum battery capacity of up to 10 hours. With the Vita M, you could be shooting all day long and still have enough energy without a need to charge your device. 

In most situations, you are not going to use your device for seventeen hours. Yet, it is nice to have this feature available in your smartphone gimbal. 


Freevision Vilta M Stabilization

The ergonomic design and good battery would not mean much if the Freevision Vilta M did not feature a good stabilization performance. The device offers a decent quality of stabilization, producing buttery smooth footage when mounted to different models of smartphones. 

Vilta M is a 3-axes gimbal, meaning that it can control the stabilization in pan, tilt, and roll axes. It also offers a decent number of shooting modes, including smart follow, self graphing, auto timing, motion time-lapse, manual mode, and panoramic modes.

Overall, the stabilization quality is quite good and Vilta M is a solid alternative to DJI Osmo Mobile 2 stabilizer. Yet, I cannot qualify it as the best smartphone gimbal due to a small problem with the stabilization performance. The footage made on Vilta M seems quite fluttery at a 250% zoom. Therefore, this gimbal’s stabilization is good, yet not perfect. 


Control Systems

The Freevision Vilta M was definitely not designed as a device for techies or professional filmmakers. That is why its interface is rather simple and very easy to use. You do not need to implement any prior research before using this gimbal. It is possible to simply mount your smartphone to the device and start shooting immediately. 

You can easily change the shooting modes by pressing the designated button. Turning the gimbal on and starting recording is also simple and does not request much time. If you are looking for a gimbal with a complex interface, you should not consider purchasing the Vilta M. 

Nevertheless, if you are only looking for a device that will be simple and ergonomic, as well as will improve your footage quality, here it is.


Freevision Vilta M Software

You know from my previous reviews that I am not a big fan of the software designed specifically for certain models of gimbals. Freevision Vilta M Software did not become an exception. Even though the app might look nice and steady, as well as user-friendly and simple to use, you will find yourself experiencing certain problems as you begin using it. 

It might be extremely difficult to connect the app to the device occasionally. When the sync is finally established, the app might drop again. This might be annoying during the shoot. Imagine your app dropping connection right in the middle of filming. However, this is not a big deal, since you can always use third-party stock apps. 

Another option is to use the gimbal control panel to adjust all necessary settings. Your smartphone will most probably be mounted to the stabilizer anyway, so the chance that you will need to use the app is not that high. On the other hand, the app is free and has some nice built-in features. For example, it offers wireless remote control, gimbal settings customization, and a few other useful things. 


Balancing With Freevision Vilta M 

The target audience of Freevision Vilta M is smartphone owners, bloggers, people who might be purchasing the first gimbal in their life. Therefore, Freevision intended to make their gimbal as simple as possible. This simplicity applies to the whole balancing process. 

If you are a professional filmmaker, you know that balancing your camera or smartphone may be tricky and complicated. It can take much time and requires certain skills and knowledge. Balancing on Freevision Vilta M is easy and simple. I managed to mount my iPhone and balance it quickly without any effort. 

Even if you are not a balancing expert, your gimbal will do a good job. Since Vilta M is not designed to work with heavy smartphones or cameras, the chance that its stabilization performance will be good is quite high, even if you do not work on its balancing. 

front-and-back-view -of-Vita-M

Build Quality And Design

Everyone knows that handheld gimbals manufacturers keep competing with each other by releasing devices that feature design novelties. The ability to fold the device, the small size, and the lightweight have always been great selling points of many handheld gimbals. Freevision did a great job in terms of Vilta M design and expensive build quality. 

While Vilta M is a budget-friendly gimbal, its build quality is as good as one of the more expensive devices presented in the market nowadays. The gimbal looks nice, it is very ergonomic. I personally enjoyed filming with this gimbal, as I did not feel tired or uncomfortable at any point of the shoot. 

Another important quality of this gimbal is that it is not heavy. You can easily hold the device with one hand while shooting for quite a long time. It is also small, which means that you can easily pack it into your bag without any effort when going out. These qualities make Vilta M an ideal gimbal stabilizer for your next travel or even sports activity. 

The gimbal handle is very ergonomic and comfortable. It is not a typical feature for a budget-friendly gimbal. I am giving full credit to Freevision for putting this many efforts into Vilta M build quality. 

Final Verdict 

Overall, the Freevision Vilta M is a great gimbal stabilizer not only for amateur filmmakers but even for professionals in certain situations. Its ergonomic design, decent stabilization quality, strong battery, and attractive price make it one of the noteworthy gimbals. 

Yet, the Freevision Vilta M  has not made it to my list of the best handheld gimbals for iPhone and Android. Despite this gimbal’s stabilization quality is good, it still has a few issues. Its control panel is rather simplistic, and its app is buggy. For a slightly bigger price, you could purchase the gimbal flagmen – the DJI OM4 or Zhiyun Smooth 4

Advantages 🤩

  • Decent stabilization
  • Strong battery
  • Great design
  • Good compatibility – can be used with action cameras

Shortcomings 😑

  • Stabilization issues when zoomed in
  • Poor app
  • Too simple control panel

Don’t think that the Freevision Vilta M is a right fit for you?

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