Moza Mini MI – All you need to know

The popular 3-axis Moza Mini-MI camera gimbal:

All you need to know about Moza Mini MI is here. Do you know due to the increased numbers of Chinese suppliers, mobile gimbals are becoming cheaper day by day?

The most popular 3-axis gimbals out there are the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 and Zhiyun Smooth 4. But recently I came across another useful and cheap gimbal known as Moza Mini Mi.

I have also checked various other cheap gimbals but haven’t found a good option as they all have low-quality image stabilization. On the other hand, the Moza Mini-MI Gimbal is filled with handy features.

Thanks to its magnetic coils in the handset holder, users can wirelessly charge their Samsung Apple mobile using the gimbal. It is especially designed ergonomically to make it easy to use. You can also use the Moza app to control it.

First Impression of Moza Mini MI:

Let’s talk about its first impression! Moza Mini MI has everything that you could hope for. It provides:

  • A handy and smooth plastic semi-hard case.
  • A Micro-USB charging cable
  • A mini-tripod

Especially when gimbal creators add a mini tripod, it became so cheap. This is indeed a great necessity because they are helpful for hands-free filming off a flat surface. It is also handy when the legs are closed, they serve as a monopod.


Moza Mini MI weight:

Do you know another important feature of Moza Mini-MI is its weight? It is heavier than the previous version. The total weight is 543g, including the battery making it more than 50 g heavier than other gimbals. However handle is easy to use, but Moza may be heavy for some users.

3 quarter-inch thread Screw:

Another important thing to notice, which I found very handy, is 3 quarter-inch thread screws for the gimbal sets. You will find one at the top of the gimbal. Second at the rear of the handle, and the last one at the base of it. This means that devices such as tripods or microphones may be attached in a number of ways to Moza gimbal.

What about its quality:

Now I will talk about its quality. Unfortunately, the Moza Mini-MI does not sound as strong as the Osmo Mobile 2 or Freevision Vilta. Then again, when it comes to quality, those are the best, so it wouldn’t be totally fair to make distinctions.

Simple to use:

For its basic functions, it is easy enough to use. All you need to clip your phone with the camera sticking out into the wide jaws. Then power the gimbal on to make it start stabilizing process. Most of the time you use the Moza, it’s going to be very easy.

It boots up in yaw-follow mode, which can handle everything that people need from their gimbal. Moza is helpful for walking shots with a quick, steady motion. You didn’t need to do any tuning or play with any settings.


Moza Mini-MI Compatibility

If we talk about Moza Mini-MI compatibility, then it has a powerful motor that provides it an incredible 300g max payload. This ensures that even the heaviest smartphones would not be too heavy. And there is no phone that will be incompatible with the gimbal.

Another amazing feature of the Moza is wireless charging. It uses the wireless charging protocol, meaning basically every handset that allows wireless charging will be compliant.

Moza Mini MI amazing Feature:

Let’s talk about its most remarkable and useful features. You would be amazed by seeing the number of features that the Mini-MI carries for a budget gimbal. And the best feature is its wireless charging.


Wireless Charging:

Do you know with the Moza Mini-MI gimbal, holding your Apple iPhone or Samsung charged has become easier? The Moza helps you to charge your cell phone wirelessly simply by setting it on the gimbal. You can also use inductive charging technology and magnetic coils in the phone holder frame.

An optional wireless charger designed for other phones has also been produced. You will now enjoy the comfort of wireless charging at any place. Isn’t it amazing? You won’t find a more efficient way of charging your mobile. Especially if you’re the type of person who always keeps using your phone.

The amazing range of motion of the Moza Mini-MI is another standout feature. Without any difficulties, the Moza gimbal will pan 360, where other gimbals sometimes fail. For anyone looking to do absolute pan shots for their project, this is perfect.



Moza shooting mode:

The remarkable shooting mode is another win for the Mini-MI over its competitors. We usually expect locked, pan-following, and following modes to have in a gimbal.

In the following mode, however, the Moza Mini-MI provides even more options by allowing the user to lock each axis (pan, roll, and tilt) individually. This allows for a total of 8 configurations, which is very handy.

I would admit that I did not personally find myself taking advantage of this capacity to lock and unlock each axis individually. Actually, in my view, most users don’t want it either as only a few circumstances need it. It’s always good to have an alternative.

Sport mode:

The Moza App also has several special shooting modes, in addition to these regular shooting modes. First is the Sports mode, which improves the speed of the phone, making it best for fast video capture.

Selfie mode:

The second best mode is its selfie-mode, which takes the best shot at the click of a button. Finally, there is the great ‘Inception Mode’ where a barrel roll taking some creative shots can be carried out by the Moza Mini-MI.

Motion Time-lapse video:

The innovative and creative Moza App of the Mini-MI helps your camera take simple or advanced time-lapse shots. You can shoot stunning wavering stars, promising roses, a magnificent sunrise, or sunset easily.


Now come toward Moza mini Performance:

We all know that the Moza Mini-MI has a very wide range of features. But do not you think so that a gimbal should be about providing the silky smooth and clear video without any blurry image?

The Moza gimbal has decent, but still not the highest, image stabilization results. It is almost similar to other cheap gimbals, performance-wise such as with the Hohem iSteady mobile.

Moza mini MI battery life:

Do you know the best 3-axis Mini-MI carries only a 2100mAh battery that takes 10 hours from a full charge? This is definitely not a bad option, but you will still find it behind several other gimbals that have a battery life of more than 15 hours.

Moza-Tech mini-MI Specs

Weight 1.19lbs (543g)
Folded dimensions L*W*H 11,42 x 5,63 x 4,21 inches
Battery Life 10 hours
Battery charging time
3,5 hours
Mechanical Range pan -360° / roll- 310°/tilt ±165°
Maximum payload 0.66lbs (300g)
Compatible phone width 2,4 – 3,62 mm
Charging port USB
Shooting mode
8 shooting modes

Yaw- follow /Roll-follow /Pitch-follow /All-follow /All-locked /Roll-Pitch follow /Roll-Yaw follow  /Yaw-Pitch follow

Focus modes
single-point autofocus,
continuous autofocus,
manual focus.
Compatible phone diagonal  4″ – 5.5″


Overall, as far as the price is concerned, the Moza Mini-MI is the best gimbal. It has made a special spot in my iPhone list of best gimbals. Thanks to its amazing and handy features, some people may claim that it is a far better option for gimbal than the Osmo Mobile 2.

Its main strengths are wireless charging and range of motion, although it also has a high max payload and great stability modes.

The image stabilization efficiency and build quality, however, might not be as good as we have seen in other cheap gimbals, considering all its strengths. However, the gap is very small. But as someone who first judges a gimbal’s value on stabilization results, I don’t think it would be fair to call it the best smartphone gimbal.

Moza Mini MI Pros 🤩:

  • It has the best focus control.
  • Mini MI has the best independent control system for each axis.
  • Most importantly it has wireless charging.
  • You will find it cheaper as compared to other options available in the market.
  • Moza app has a wide range of professional and video settings that allows you to take a great picture.
  • It has tremendous potential.

Moza Mini MI Cons 🙁:

  • It has somehow low stabilization performance.
  • Some may claim its Moza app is not of the best quality.
  • You can’t delete videos through its app.
  • The manual zoom dial is not smooth.



So the easiest way to sum up this review about Moza mini MI is to claim that if you’re willing to take it along with you? The Mini-MI does an amazing job by making a great video for your project. It’s so compact that you never have to even care about carrying it with you.

However, it is a little tall, a little bulky, and doesn’t fit in your pocket. Based on Algorithm Optimization, just like a car while in the Sport Gear mode, the Moza Mini will unleash the ability of high-quality motions in a flash.

You can switch between various modes using your thumb. The option of yaw-follow, pitch-follow helps you to pan up and down the gimbal. It also has all-follow that mixes the two, and all lock, that holds the phone looking in the same direction no matter what you do with it.

Without any delay, it will respond to any delicate movement and achieve an impressive scenic quality. You may not need to think about losing shots anymore from now on due to its high-quality features.

The moza can smoothly achieve rotation on the roll axis. Go from a slow tilt to a quick pan. It creates the dramatic ability for an infinite range of motion that you even can’t imagine.

Moza Mini MI rating:

It has a rating of 4/5.

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