Removu S1 – Read About Most Innovative GoPro Gimbal

Innovative Gimbal That’s Not Too Good: Removu S1 Review

Today I am going to review one of the most special gimbals for the GoPro – the Removu S1 gimbal. What makes this device so unique?

First of all, the brand of Removu is quite special itself.  There are a lot of bigger gimbal producers that focus on a wide range of devices. Unlike them, Removu is concentrated on manufacturing innovations – the new and unique devices, specifically, for the GoPro. As soon as I have read first about this brand, I realized that it was very different from most of the devices available in the market. 

The most interesting feature of Removu S1 is that its handgrip is easily removable from the gimbal. This quality turns the device into a very universal stabilization tool that can be disassembled and used both as a wearable GoPro gimbal or an independently handled device. 

I found this feature very impressive. For example, when I exercise or bike, I normally wear one of my wearable gimbals; however, I always need to take another handled device with me to film in a regular way using my hands. With Removu S1, I no longer need two different gimbals, as everything I need can be done with just one device. 

Thus, this GoPro gimbal seems to be very promising and convenient; however, let’s see if it is worth the praise, though. 


The first acquaintance with Removu S1

This gimbal’s presentation seemed simply great. When I opened the box, I saw a stylish semi-hard zip case. The device itself and all of its accessories were sitting comfortably in the foam padding that was ensuring extra safety for the gimbal. 

I want to stress that the gimbal did look very good. You know that I had to review many devices, but this was one of the most attractive gimbals that I have even seen. Its presentation was simply the best. The Removu S1 package was designed using the retro style, which went along well with its logo. 


As I mentioned earlier, Removu is the manufacturer of the GoPro gimbals mostly. Therefore, it is sensible to expect that the company did its best to accommodate all possible needs of the GoPro users. 

The gimbal’s original housing frame is compatible with the GoPro HERO 3/3+/4/5/6/7; it works well with the Session Cube. I also think that it will be compatible with all GoPro models that have not been released yet. 

The Removu S1 also comes with a frame housing for the competitors of the GoPro, the Yi 4K+, and the Garmin VIRB action cameras. You always can purchase more housing frames that will ensure even better compatibility on the company’s website.


What comes with the Removu S1

When you open the stylish gimbal case, you can find a few accessories that come with the device:

  • Removu S1 Gimbal itself
  • Handgrip with portative control
  • Frame housing for GoPro, Yi 4K, and Garmin VIRB
  • Battery 
  • Charging device that can charge two batteries and the portative control at the same time
  • Handle caps, wrist strap



Removu S1 is a great gimbal, providing top-notch stabilization performance. The device manufacturers made sure that this gimbal avoids unnecessary shaking movements in 3 axes, thus, providing a steady and stable video picture. The gimbal isolates the GoPro from any kind of shake or vibration. 

Another impressive feature of this device is the aforementioned portable handgrip. This feature makes Removu gimbal a universal stabilization device suitable for any kind of occasion. It is only up to you how you want to use your gimbal – you could wear it around your body, put it on a selfie-stick, attach it to your bike or use it regularly as a handled gimbal. 

Removu also took a step further and proved to be a truly innovative company. They placed the wireless remote control into the gimbal’s handgrip. I believe it was simply an amazing idea. Using the compact screen of the remote accessory, you can take any control measures and manage the settings of your gimbal easily. You no longer need to connect the device to your smartphone and deal with the annoying buggy app. The remote is user-friendly, easy to use, featuring an intuitive design. 

This was not the only piece of innovation embedded into the Removu gimbal. This device is also rainproof. This is the first GoPro gimbal that has this feature, so this is quite an impressive novelty. However, please, note that it is not waterproof, so you cannot take it swimming with you. But, nevertheless, it is quite a cool feature. I personally did not want to take a risk and take Removu S1 to a wet space, but I guess, we can trust the manufacturer here.

Filming regimes

Surprisingly, Removu did not introduce any new filming regimes with this gimbal. Removu S1 features pretty standard modes that you could see in any modern gimbal:

  • Pan Following: the camera follows the movement in the horizontal axis, the vertical and roll axes stay locked. The horizon is steady.
  • Pan and Tilt Following: the camera follows all movements in horizontal and vertical axes. 
  • Locked: the camera focuses in one direction; blocking the pan, tilt, and roll axes.


Removu S1 Stabilization Performance

The innovative modular design does not affect the device’s stabilization performance. At least, I did not identify any related problems while testing the gimbal. 

Nevertheless, I found S1’s stabilization abilities a little weaker than the performance of other modern gimbals. I mean, it is quite good for its price, but not more than that. 

You might also see the issues when filming the objects moving at a high speed. Let’s say it will be quite complicated for you to film a fast car in a proper way. The maximum follow speed of S1 motors is rather slow in comparison with certain advanced gimbals.

This is the reason why the device does not feature any special shooting modes that would enable you to make cool videos with fast-moving objects. I know it might not be an issue for most of the users, but for certain professionals working in a narrow field, this might be a problem. 

I have also found a lot of reviews commenting on the S1 loud motors. While testing the gimbal, I did not face any issues connected with its noisy performance. However, it is worth noting that I do not film any scenes that need superior audio quality. I guess for bloggers, who really need their audience to hear what they are saying, the noise might be an issue. 


Conclusion 👇

I have been testing this gimbal for a week to make sure that I do not make any wrong assumptions about this product. The Removu S1 does look great; its special design and ergonomics make this gimbal extremely flexible and easy to use in many ways.

 S1 does stand out due to the ability to use it in two ways – as a wearable device and as a regular handled stabilization tool. It features quite a good stabilization performance, which is decent for a gimbal in this price category. I could not identify anything that was particularly bad about this gimbal. 

However, this device is just ok. Using it did not seem so natural as filming with the GoPro Karma, for example. Its stabilization ability did not seem as great as the one of my Feiyu G6. I thought that I would have enjoyed using this gimbal much more than I actually did. It felt disappointing. 

To cut it short, S1 is providing a lot of different features at the same time, but not being particularly good at any of them 😔. It is a very good and smart device that, unfortunately for Removu, does not have anything special about it.

Rating: 4/5

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