Tilta Gravity G2X – Best-Built DSLR Gimbal 

The Tilta Gravity G2X is one of the best DSLR gimbals in terms of its build quality. The Tilta manufacturer is not a brand, famous for gimbal production. That is why not many people know about this gimbal yet. However, the device broke the ground and made its manufacturer more famous. Let’s find out why in this review. 

Tilta Gravity G2X Performance

I have tested the Tilta Gravity G2X in different ways to test its stabilization performance. After all, this is what the gimbal system is all about. If your device is not able to provide smooth and buttery video footage, then this stabilizer probably cannot be called a stabilizer. 

The Tilta Gravity G2X is a 3 axis gimbal. Therefore, its stabilization performance is good enough. I have tried swinging, climbing the stairs, and running while filming with this gimbal. In all cases, it produced quite good footage. However, if you compare it with the videos made by different famous stabilization devices for DSLR cameras, you will find out that the device does not have the best stabilization. Yet, it is good enough. 


Just as any stabilizer, the Tilta Gravity G2X handheld system gimbal features a few shooting regimes:

  1. The mode for complete stabilization
  2. A regime with the locked roll axis
  3. A regime with locked till axis
  4. Regular pan following regime

In general, the regimes for filming are pretty standard. Yet, you can do everything you need to in most cases. However, I wish that the Tilta Gravity featured some type of a sport mode that would allow increasing motor responsiveness. However, this is not the option that the gimbal features. 


Tilta G2X Compatibility 

This stabilizer is quite good in terms of its compatibility with DSLR cameras. It is worth saying that the gimbal itself is very compact. With its own weight of only about 1800 grams, the G2X can support various devices with a total weight of about 3700 grams. This is quite an impressive quality for such a compact gimbal. 

Given its high payload, the device can support various DSLR cameras. It even can work perfectly with cameras that have mounted lenses. This will not affect negatively the quality of this gimbal’s performance. Sony, Canon, Nikon, and other DSLR devices are perfectly compatible with the G2X. 


Design & Build Quality

This is the area where the Gravity G2X truly rocks. In fact, this is the main feature that made this gimbal be on my list of the best DSLR gimbals

The device costs $790. This is obviously not a price that you would typically pay for a good gimbal. Therefore, when purchasing a device I did not expect that build quality would be this good. Compared to the bodies of more expensive and famous DSLR gimbals, I found that the G2X was even better in some aspects. 

First, as I have mentioned earlier, this gimbal is quite small and light. It makes it a perfect travel companion. Second, the device has a motor arm that is angled. This makes sure that the DSLR’s screen can be seen perfectly and is not covered by any parts of the stabilizer. 

The gimbal looks robust and durable. It does not feel cheap and does not have this over-simplistic plastic construction. In fact, it is one of the best gimbals that I have ever worked with in terms of build quality. You can be confident that your gimbal will do well during the most adventurous shoots. 



The Gravity G2X has four batteries. However, they are not included in the package. The batteries are energy-efficient and do not consume much electricity when charging. Additionally, they can support filming for up to 10 hours. 


Tilta G2X Software

Just like most gimbals do, this stabilizer has a companion application. It can be installed on your smartphone (iPhone or Android). Thanks to it, you can connect your gimbal and your phone. With this software, you can control your device distantly, even when the G2X is filming in another space. 

The manufacturer promises that the app would be a great help for everyone, who uses the gimbal. However, unfortunately, while testing I found that the software had many bugs in it. It had trouble connecting sometimes, and it was shutting down occasionally. Besides this,  I found many reviews on the Internet complaining about the software’s poor performance. Anyways, you can always use third-party stock apps. 

Tilta G2X: Good Enough To Be The Best?

Pros 🤩

  • Superior build quality
  • Great design
  • Decent battery 

Cons 😐

  • Buggy app
  • Stabilization is not the best
  • Various issues reported by filmmakers

The Tilta Gravity G2X is definitely a good DSLR gimbal worth looking at. In fact, this is the best DSLR gimbal in terms of its construction quality. However, I found that its stabilization is not as good as one of the other more famous gimbals, available for under $1000 too. 

Also, its app is very buggy. With gimbal marketers praising the app, I feel that someone has tried to lie to me, and I do not like this feeling. Also, I found many users complaining about numerous electronic problems with the Tilta G2X. Therefore, I do not feel 100% confident to recommend this stabilizer.